What does a brand consist of

5 Brand Ingredients

We’ve distilled branding into 5 ingredients
BrandBuilder walks you through the creation of your own brand by leveraging these ingredients.
It’s visual, it’s simple and fun.
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1. Logo
Your logo should be expressive, memorable, and unique. It will also be on nearly everything you make, so be thoughtful, but remember, most great brands have one thing in common: simplicity.
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2. Color
The right colors tap into powerful emotions and make your brand instantly memorable, we’ve curated lots of beautiful palettes for you to choose from. You can also enter your own custom colors if you have them.
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3. Typography
Typography doesn’t just convey information, it evokes emotion. We’ve curated type packs that ensure your messages are legible, flexible and on brand. Choose a type pack that speaks to your brand’s style.
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4. Pattern
Patterns add depth and flexibility to your brand. Creating a custom pattern used to be difficult and time-consuming, but with our pattern generator, it’s just plain fun. There are no wrong answers here.
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5. Photography
Great brands have great photography, but they also know how to use it with style. Browse high quality images on Unsplash, or upload your own, then use our tools to make them unique. Photo styles go a long way in establishing your brand voice.
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