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Sharing your brand is the only way to ensure everyone from your colleagues to vendors has access to your latest high quality brand assets. Emblem makes sharing your brand book simple and fast.

Brand Book

Emblem automatically creates a shareable brand book for each one of your brands. This brand book contains downloadable assets that can be accessed by anyone you choose to share it with. This is the best way to ensure you are always on-brand.


Once you’ve dialed in the look of your brand, it’s time to download your assets and put that brand to work. Download high quality assets ready for a variety of uses, from print to web, we’ve got you covered.

Social Media Editor

Social media is often the first place your potential customers will interact with your brand. It’s important that your social accounts reflect your brand in the best light possible. Creating social banner images and profile pictures in Emblem couldn’t be easier.

Logo Editor

Customize your logo using the Emblem Logo Editor. You can change the layout, typefaces, and scale of your logo. Also access millions of high-quality icons via the Noun Project.

Graphic Library

Tap into over a million curated icons thanks to the Noun Project. They’ve created a library of icons that cover nearly every category search you could think of. Emblem let's you easily incorporate these graphics into your logo, monogram and assets.

Custom Colors

At any time in Emblem you can adjust your color palette to your liking. Start with one of our designer curated palettes or enter your own custom colors. Either way we’re confident you will find the perfect combination.


Gradients add an extra dimension to your brand and extend your primary color palette in fresh and dynamic ways. With an Emblem membership you can create as many custom gradients as you’d like.

Font Downloads

We’ve curated complimentary type packages that ensure your messages are legible, flexible and on brand. Once you’re a member of Emblem you can download your brand’s font files to install on your computer.


Patterns add depth and flexibility to your brand. Creating a custom graphic or texture used to be difficult and time-consuming, but with our pattern generator, it’s just plain fun. With an Emblem membership you can create as many custom patterns as you’d like.

Photo Library

Using high quality photography is essential in making a beautiful brand. With Emblem you can tap into a large library of professional, royalty-free photography thanks to our integration with Unsplash. Use these photos in Emblem to make your brand shine.

Photo Filters

Great brands have great photography, but they also know how to use it with style. Photo filters help your brand stand out. With an Emblem membership you can create as many custom photo filters as you’d like.

Team Members

Adding new team members or updating company info on your business materials is now easier than ever with Emblem. Updating your information once will automatically refresh every instance across your brand assets.

Full Emblem Feature List:

Logo Editor

Color Picker

Designer Type Packs

Graphic Library

Photography Library

Photo Filter Builder

Pattern Generator

Shareable Brand Book

High-Res Downloads

Social Media Assets

Business Cards

Font Downloads

Color Codes and Names

Copyright Ownership

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